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I just wanted to send you kudos on the client portal for entering my income tax information. I found the portal far easier to use than paper, and I didn’t lose my forms amongst all the other papers. Really it made the whole process easier… Since it was different, I almost didn’t use it, but I am happy I did.
- Robert H


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Minimizing Your Business Taxes, Exceeding your Expectations


It’s no secret, each year the tax code gets more and more complicated. Taxes comprise at least 30% of your company’s bottom line. They need to be managed aggressively and you need a strong professional on your side so you can keep more of what you earn. 

Tax return preparation is not a commodity service you should trust to just anyone. Each year we prepare hundreds of tax returns, and we understand that every single one of them requires special planning and thought. This is even more important given the changes in our economy and tax laws. 

Eric Nelson has over 20 years of working with some of the largest companies and accounting firms in the country. He brings large company expertise to your business with the agility and personal touch that you can’t get with any other local firm.

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We expertly prepare partnership, LLC, corporate, and all state and local returns. If you are the subject of an audit by a federal or state agency, we will work with you to reduce or eliminate additional assessments and represent you at the audit conference. In addition, we can help you prepare for meetings with the taxing authorities by gathering the requested information and documents and offering alternative strategies and arguments for managing the situation.